Luxury Cats Canada

Hello Everyone,

We are honoured that you have come upon our cattery and we offer you a very warm welcome. We look forward to providing you with your dream Ragdoll Kitten.

Our cats are extremely high quality Ragdolls. They all have dazzling light blue eyes and a soft rabbit-like coat. Not only are they beautiful on the outside, they are that and more on the inside. They are highly intelligent and susceptible to your feelings and are very attached animals. They can also be taught tricks like playing fetch, or tag and they are great with kids and other pets.

Allow us to be part of helping you find a loving new member of your family.

We stand by the quality of our cats and are TICA registered.

Let the photos speak for themselves in terms of the quality of the breed.

Our cats are on a first come first serve basis which is why many people make deposits even before a litter is born or even before one of the queens is pregnant. However, do not hesitate to contact us regarding available kittens.